LifeQuest Foundation

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Wish List

LifeQuest welcomes gifts of all kinds and shapes.  Before giving, however, we want to make sure that your gift will be used here for the benefit of the people supported.  Contact Brian Loken at (605) 990-7835 or by e-mail at to determine if LifeQuest can properly use your gift. Gifts of goods or services may be tax-deductible.



Special Gifts!

LifeQuest is currently looking for gifts of experiences and friendships. The people we support are always looking for activities and experiences that connect them with the outside world.  Below are different examples:

Game Night

We have several locations looking for friends to play games – inside or outside – throughout the summer.  Board games, card games, basketball, whatever!  If you want to spend an hour once or twice per month playing games, give us a call!


The people we support love books, and having outside groups come in to read to them.  Sharing your joy of the classics and other stories are great ways to connect with people.

Share Your Inner Rock Star

There are many people supported by LifeQuest that love singing and hearing musical instruments.  If you have musical passion, what better way to share it with a special audience!

Share your Pet!

Many of the people we support love animals.  Spend a quick 30 minutes at a house and make someone's week!

We want your experience to be as positive for you as well, so we can accommodate most activities or locations. We’ll work with you to set up something that works for both of us. If you are interested, call Brian at 990-7835 or e-mail him at